Castle Rock Area Nissan transmission repair

Castle Rock Area Nissan transmission repair

Castle Rock Area Nissan transmission repair - 2018 Nissan Altima

Castle Rock Area Nissan transmission repair

There are many types of transmissions on the roads today: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), transaxles, traditional in-line, dual clutch, electronically controlled, mechanically controlled, manual, semi-automatics, Tiptronic, etc. Considering that an automatic transmission is the single most complex piece of machinery in your vehicle, the quality of service for your money should be the paramount focus when it comes time for repairs. Who is more apt to provide high-quality professional service than a specialist? When you need expert service to repair your autobox, schedule with Eagle Transmission to eliminate the worries.

Castle Rock Area Nissan transmission repair - 2018 Nissan Altima

We provide Nissan transmission repair for customers throughout the Castle Rock area and beyond. Customers literally drive hours simply to have the service done by professionals with the most focused experience and resources. We provide repairs and replacement of the Nissan CVT’s and all Nissan drivetrains. Nissan transmission repair doesn’t have to immobilize your vehicle for prolix periods of time. If you want to ensure that a job is completed on time and budget, schedule with Eagle Transmission. We provide full-service Nissan repair near Castle Rock.

Castle Rock Area Nissan transmission repair - 2018 Nissan Murano

Brief History of the Hydraulic Automatic Transmission (Trans.)

Steam engineer Alfred Horner Munro invented the first automatic trans. in 1921. However, this model worked on compressed air and was unable to produce the power required for commercial viability. It is believed that Fernando Lehly Lemos and José Braz Araripe engineered the first hydraulic automatic trans. and that the prototype was sold to the General Motor Company. The prototype was mass produced and debuted on the 1940 Oldsmobile under the moniker Hydra-Matic.

Castle Rock Area Nissan transmission repair - 2018 Nissan Pathfinder

The Hydra-Matic had followed the 1928 release of a fully synchronized manual trans. developed by Cadillac called the Synchromesh. The synchromesh led to the development of a semi-automatic trans. that had the ability to automatically shift gears when accelerating but did not have the versatility to shift into a gear or out of a gear. Nevertheless, this solved the problem for drivers who lacked the stamina to deftly shift in and out of gears. This semi-automatic found in Oldsmobile’s from 1937-1939 featured a friction plate clutch like a manual trans. but allowed for some automated shifting. The Hydra-Matic replaced the friction plate clutch with a hydraulic fluid coupling and shifted automatically into higher or lower gears as needed.

Castle Rock Area Nissan transmission repair - 2018 Nissan Sentra

The Hydra-Matic was improved upon by GM when they created the Jetaway version with two fluid couplings. The Buick Dynaflow introduced the first torque converter. Buick had invented the first cylinder head that resembles those used in modern engines. We also owe them thanks for the first torque converter which has remained the standard for automatics today.

The twin-turbine Dynaflow and Turboglide manufactured by GM tweaked the Dynaflow. By the 1960’s whale oil was removed from the hydraulic trans. fluid. The lock-up torque converter ultimately became the choice fluid coupling because it eliminated slippage between the engine and trans. at cruising speed for greater fuel and power efficiency.

Computer-controlled shifting with electronically actuated hydraulic solenoids began to replace the spring-operated valve bodies by the late 80’s. The valve body is the veritable brain of the automatic trans. that sends hydraulic fluid to activate different clutch packs through high-pressure circuits. Since the invention of the computer controlled valve body, the latest progression is a 10-speed trans. developed jointly by GM and Ford to provide an ideal range of gear ratios for smooth shifting and fuel economy. The engineers boast of writing 1 million lines of computer code to ensure that it shifts in the ideal range for every operating condition.

The Eagle Advantage

Eagle is dedicated to customer service and provides free courtesy inspections of trans. problems. If your trans. is shifting badly or making noises, we are the one-stop-shop for Castle Rock area residents. Many trans. problems begin when a driver fails to observe the warning signs that there may be a problem and, inexplicably, lets it progress. This is because heat is the No. 1 killer of transaxles.

If you let the hydraulic fluid get too low, the mechanical parts will overheat and quickly deteriorate. The fluid in an automatic trans. has a distinctive and pungent odor. It is usually a deep red color that may look almost black on blacktop.

Replacing a transaxle is one of the most involved repairs that any vehicle faces. The axles have to be removed. The subframe has to be dropped. The front fascia and bumpers must be taken out of the way. The only thing retaining the engine is the exhaust manifold and an engine hoist.

It is not a job that you want to try yourself or leave in the hands of a general repair shop. We have the computer technology and years of expert experience to distinguish a failed trans. from something that is repairable. When you need Nissan repair near Castle Rock, we are the dedicated gurus you can trust. Call us, stop by, or contact us online for more information.